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CAEC Membership Meetings


As a member, you are part of Northeast Ohio’s largest arts education membership and service organization. CAEC’s members serve over 10 million people every year with organizational budgets that range in size from under $200,000 to over $100 million. 


Membership brings you:

  • Inclusive, welcoming member network

  • Seasonal programs around life-long arts learning and more

  • Member rates for workshops, PD sessions

  • Informal Coffee with Judy sessions

  • Listing in Ready2Go member section

  • Unique member network collaborations

  • Think-tank and planning committees

  • Surveys and reports (e.g. CAEC Members & CMSD arts)

  • Up to date advocacy news and opportunities 


In return we ask that you:

  • Pay annual dues - Basic Member or Leadership Partner

  • Attend 2 or more programs each season

  • Highlight CAEC Membership 

On your website — In your materials

Display CAEC logo where appropriate 

Acknowledge CAEC membership 

Credit CAEC membership in reports

List CAEC as a community partner


Membership in CAEC connects you and your organization with a network of arts education providers, “News You Can Use” programs and resources. 


Committee groups are called into action to inform program substance and directions. 

Inquire about being part of a CAEC Committee Group:

  • CAEC Program Planning

  • K-12 Arts Learning

  • Engaging Families

  • Intergenerational Arts


If you’re not already part of CAEC’s network, join us. You’ll be glad you did!

  • Collegiate Arts Plus

  • Equity and Inclusion

  • Advocacy


The Music Settlement:

"CAEC’s importance as a convener of our community’s arts educators – large and small alike - cannot be understated. This fostering of collaboration and sharing of resources is essential to the sustainability of arts and culture opportunities, resulting in services to new and wider audiences through the opportunities it provides its members."

Karamu House:

"We have enjoyed years-long membership in the CAEC. CAEC provides valuable space for intentional networking that supports arts education professionals to crystalize best practices and the most effective ways to serve our youth."


Art House: 

"All the services and opportunities that CAEC provides helped to forge an active regional members network, making us a better, more cohesive arts education advocacy group. CAEC is a tremendous resource for program and executive staff. Without CAEC, the greater Cleveland area would not be the culturally vital center that it has become."

Playhouse Square: 

"Where else can organizations, regardless of staff size or budget, work closely with colleagues across disciplines and zip codes in our region? CAEC unites the arts education leaders in our community, breaks down silos, enriches its members and more importantly enriches the lives of the constituents those member organizations serve."


Dancing Wheels Company: 

"CAEC is a much-needed organization that supports and nurtures arts in education. It connects, shares information, and educates the arts and education communities like no other organization does.  We learn from each other and are given opportunities to exchange information and learn the most updated information in the academic world. We have had the honor of being a member of this outstanding organization for many years and look forward to many years ahead in our mutual quest for inclusive and equitable arts education."

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