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Cleveland Arts Education Consortium’s mission is to promote and strengthen arts education in Northeast Ohio and advocate on behalf of arts learning for people of all ages and circumstances.


Cleveland Arts Education Consortium is Northeast Ohio’s largest professional arts education member network and service organization. We bring all members, guests and presenters out of isolated silos, to one large table.

what we do

Our goal is to “sound the trumpet” in myriad ways to advocate for arts learning for young students through senior adults. We celebrate diverse heritages and share best practices to address real concerns and help strengthen members’ work. We create connective opportunities through professional development, programs, informal coffees and focused groups. 

who we serve

We serve our member network and their work across NE Ohio and farther. We and they continually reach out to invite and include people of all ages and stages in their lives to participate. We believe wholeheartedly in the immense value of the arts in teaching, learning and life.


Our hope in establishing the Cleveland Arts Education Consortium (CAEC) nearly 25 years ago, was to bring the community’s professional arts educators together on a regular basis. CAEC would offer a range of sessions to strengthen and celebrate arts learning and encourage equitable inclusion across the field. At the outset, 25 organizations expressed interest and attended programs. Today, CAEC’s network has more than quadrupled. Its members represent large and small organizations dotted across Greater Cleveland, Northeast Ohio and farther. With continual member growth each year, CAEC is proud to be Northeast Ohio’s largest professional arts education service organization. 


CAEC offers a welcoming environment. While addressing ever-changing issues, we highlight what is possible in schools and across communities. 


CAEC’s “News You Can Use” sessions are shaped by CAEC’s leaders, members and presenters. Programs and professional development help guest attendees and member arts education providers discover new ways to connect arts learning with the real needs of the people they serve. Programming goals are to highlight valuable resources and potential collaborative opportunities. Distinctive programs offer ways to create, evaluate, strengthen and expand arts learning for all. 


Arts experiences are an essential part of who we are and how we thrive. We encourage all members, regardless of organizational size and discipline, to join with us to support positive policy and funding for arts education. We understand that through steady advocacy to encourage inclusion of arts learning in schools and across communities, we increase the potential for meaningful growth and resounding success for all people, young and old. 


To learn more, explore our member roster and membership info pages.

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Girl Learning Violin Lessons
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